GUTE TEK PLASTIC PMMA LGP Test For DELL 7250 Touchscreen Laptop


The computer display screen is mainly composed of LCD screen and backlight module(BLU); After the ultra-thin liquid crystal glass covered with an internal and external polarizing film, it is a back light unit, and the backlight module is mainly made of a light diffusion film, a brightness enhancement film(BEF), a light guide plate(LGP) and a white PET reflective film. The thickness of the optical film is different base on the different thickness of the display screen, taking the ultra-thin notebook computer as an example, most of the film thickness is between 0.1-0.188mm, and the thickness of the light guide plate is between 0.6-0.8mm;

GUTE TEK PLASTIC PMMA LGP Test For DELL 7250 Touchscreen Laptop
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Recently,customers have consulted Dell touch screen series notebook computer maintenance of polarizing film, light diffusion film, brightness enhancement film, light guide plate and white reflective film; These films we offered all samples to customer for test,and customer approved the quality.


Today we will talk about the light guide plate in the Dell 7250 touch screen notebook;As the number required is not big, if the light guide plate is processed by screen print and hot embossing print process, the cost is very high.So we recommend customers to use laser dotting solution;


Usually, the backlight module of the notebook computer is a one-side lighting, and  the lighting side is the long edge side; According to the arrangement of the led, we carry out different optical dotting layouts to test the light efficiency, and finally find a light distribution scheme with high uniformity and high brightness;


If you are repairing your computer, and the number of light guide plates is not large and cannot reach the MOQ of other processes, we could provide you with the best laser dot optics solution to meet your requirement and save you costs; Of course, if the amount is large, we will handle the screen printing or hot embossing print to speed up the delivery time and save costs.


Backlight module light guide plate production and processing, we are professional, welcome to consult us!



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