PMMA colored plastic sheet widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration board, partition board in office and house, product design, engraving and signboard, advertisement boards shop fitting, art and crafts and many more applications. It can be processed at GUTE TEK Plastic factory with laser cutting and CNC machining.

GUTE TEK Plastic premium acrylic plexiglass sheet is extremely versatile and comes in a wide variety of color and size. Colored plexi glass sheet is ideal for indoor or outdoor signs. Whether you choose what kind of the color, translucent or opaque, there is no limit to what you can do with the PMMA acrylic colored sheets.

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Product Introduction

GUTE TEK Plastic colored plexi glass sheet has two ways manufacture craft, one is cast and the other is extruded. Compared with cast acrylic sheet, extruded acrylic sheet has lower molecular weight, slightly weaker mechanical properties and higher flexibility. The feature is beneficial for bending and thermoforming, and the softening time is short. Cast acrylic sheet has high molecular weight, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance, so it is more suitable for processing large-sized signboards, which takes a little longer than the softening process. Cast acrylic plexiglass sheet has unparalleled flexibility in color system and surface texture effect, and has complete product specifications for various special purposes.

Usually, extruded PMMA plexi glass colored plastic sheet is used indoor decoration, signage, shop fitting, art and crafts and many more applications. Cast Acrylic PMMA plexi glass colored plastic sheet is used in outdoor display. Anyway, acrylic colored plastic sheet has much kinds of color and size, can meet any customers’ requirement.

Company Advantages

Customized Advantage: The deep processing workshop is 32,022ft²,with profession cut,laser machine,UV print machine,blow moulding machine and plastic forming machine, could offer customized service such as size and shape customized.Also could offer raw material,thickness and color customized service.

Integrity management,customers Praise: Merchant Credit Certification approved by government and the after-sales satisfaction is more than 95% and the praise rate is 98% ;

Fast and Efficient Sales system: For Pre-sale service,there is special sample department for serve our clients,for existing products are free samples; For the commercial production,delivery is 7-10days, fast delivery and quick response;

Financial Advantage:With years of service big brands,GUTE TEK PLASTIC has very professional LC process team for LC payment process,we could offer LC at 90days from the BL date for the bulk trade.This could relieve the financial pressure of our clients.

Certifications and Patents

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