Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a flat electronic panel display, commonly used in TVs and computers’ monitors. It also used as a screen in mobile device, such as, laptops, smartphones and display signs for producing still and movable images.

Backlight Module Unit is one of the essential components of the Liquid Crystal Display, it distributes the light that make us to see the beautiful scene on the screen. Backlight unit, also named as the acronym BLU, is located on the bottom side of Liquid Crystal Display panel.

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Product Introduction

Backlight Unit Module, the light source of TFT-LCD, is constructed by optical films, like reflective film, light guide plate(LGP), diffusion sheet and brightening enhancement film (BEF).


Reflective film--reduces light loss. Its function is to reflect back the light leaked through the light guide plate and return to the panel side, so as to reduce the light loss and increase the brightness


Light guide plate(LGP)--uniformly spreads out the light over the entire screen area, the thin LGP/LGF in the BLU not only makes the module become thinner, but also saves the cost compare to the traditional LGP.


Diffusion sheet--diffuses the light received by the light guide plate, in order to propagate to the front direction of the light enhancement film and the backlight, broaden the viewing angle and improve the light heterogeneity


Brightening enhancement film (BEF)--also known as prism sheet, enhances light efficiency with prismatic microstructure. BEF concentrates the scattered light to the front, to improve the brightness of the front. And BEF recycles the unused light outside the viewing angle by using the reflection of light.

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