What is polarizer film?? | GUTE TEK PLASTIC


Common liquid crystal display panels, no whether TN, STN, IPS or VA, have an absorption polarizer (lower polarizer) under ITO glass. It provides the polarization state incident light, which is required by the LCD panel. The light emitted from the backlight is fully polarized light.

What is polarizer film?? | GUTE TEK PLASTIC
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What is polarizer film?

When we talk about PC screen (including monitors and notebook screens), we all know that the larger visual angle and the higher color gamut IPS or MVA materials have, the better the display effect they have. But have you ever noticed the film on their surface? If not, you may have been badly hurt by them!



Some monitors is prominently labeled with the prompt "do not tear off the screen film". We may be confused, isn't the film on the screen to protect the screen from scratch? What if you take it off?

In daily life, some monitors are pasted by a protective film to protect the screen. But much more film on the surface of the screen is polarizer film, also called polarizer or polarizing film. If you take it off "accidentally", the monitor cannot display picture normally.


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