GUTE TEK PLASTIC polarizer film for backlight module LCD module, which is one of the important part of the LCD, it provides polarization state incident light, which is required by the LCD. It determines whether the LCD can display the picture or not. Polarizer film is suitable for many kinds of screens, such as lcd tvs, lcd monitor, projectors, etc.

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The polarizer film is an optical filter, the transmittance of light is directly related to its polarization state. When normal light, which vibrates randomly at 360 degrees, passes through the polarizer, like linearly polarized light in one direction can pass through, while light perpendicular to the polarization direction cannot pass through, it will be absorbed or reflected in other directions.


The polarizer cannot convert the incident light with arbitrary polarization into the required polarization direction. It can only eliminate unwanted polarized light.


GUTE TEK Plastic provides polarizer film angle testing tool, it can help you detect small screen damage in daily use. It usually has 4 angles, 0 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 135 degrees. And our usually size of the polarier film is 14", 318*180mm; 15.6", 350*199mm; 24", 545*319mm

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