What is the difference between the traditional diffuser film and the LCD diffuser film?

The main difference between the traditional diffuser film and the LCD diffuser film is the production.The second difference is the application;The third is the thickness;

The process difference:The traditional diffuser film process is extrusion,and the LCD diffuser film is coating process. 

The application difference:The tradition diffusion film mostly applied in lighting industry,such as the panel light,education lighting and some decorative lighting. The LCD diffusion film most applied in the TV,monitor,computer and Laptop. The LCD diffuser film is a very important part for LCD and monitor.

The Thickness difference:Traditional diffuser film thicker than LCD diffuser film;


What is the difference between the traditional diffuser film and the LCD diffuser film?

Let’s talk about the process:

There are two kinds process for the diffusion film;

The extrusion process:

extrusion type light diffusion film, mainly adding diffused particles during the extrusion molding process of the film material, directly extruded, and the diffused particles are directly wrapped in the substrate. The process is relatively simple, but the temperature and shear resistance requirements of the diffused particles are required. high.

The coating process:


The coating type light diffusing film is mainly formed by mixing resin and diffusing particles, and coating it on the PET film to form a light diffusing layer. This process requires high swelling resistance of the diffusing particles, because the resin system contains a large amount of solvent;


The coating type light diffusion film is mainly composed of a three-layer structure, including the bottom anti-scratch layer, the middle transparent PET substrate layer and the upper diffusion layer. The working principle of the LCD diffuser film is that the light enters from the anti-scratch layer at the bottom, penetrates the highly transparent PET substrate, and then is scattered by the PMMA micro-sphere diffuser particles dispersed in the diffuser coating to form a uniform light surface .


When we light,we could see clearly the difference as upper video:

The LCD diffuser film most used for Laptop,computer,TV and Advertising player repair service or refurbishment.



LED Light diffuser film for FPD

Light diffuser film for Laptop renovation

Light diffuser film for computer refurbished

Light diffuser film for monitor refurbishment

Light diffuser film for TV refurbished


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