GUTE TEK PLASTIC brightness enhancement film for backlight module, thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) is a non self luminous display, it cannot emit light by itself, so it has to generate light source with the help of backlight module to show the picture. And brightness enhancement film (BEF) is a necessary part of backlight module. 

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The optical plastic sheet in the backlight module determines the efficiency of the whole module. The brightening enhancement film (BEF) with prismatic microstructure (also known as prismatic sheet and condenser) can effectively improve the lighting brightness, uniformity and image contrast, and indirectly improve the power consumption performance of the backlight module. Generally, TFT-LCD display needs one or two brightening enhancement films. The mechanism is to concentrate the scattered light to the front, to improve the brightness of the front and recycle the unused light outside the viewing angle by using the reflection of light, so as to reduce the loss of light. Moreover, it indirectly achieves the benefits of energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection.

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