GUTE TEK PLASTIC is devoted to PMMA sheet production,as the acrylic sheet manufacturer,we offer the clear plexiglass acrylic sheet from different thickness to meet our customer requirement;

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Recently,a reading lamp is hot-sale in Amazon mall, this reading lamp we also could name it book lamp,which has refreshed many people's perception of reading lamp.

This creative LED book light /reading night light flat plate,has such characteristics:

1.It’s design is very simple,but it’s an elegant style, convenient to use.It’s a portable and lightweight design.You could take it along when you are on car travel,also it is a good choice for indoor home bedroom reading.

2.It is different from many existing reading lamp, it is a completely new way to use light for reading.

most other reading lamp occupy large space, and not easy to move;

3. High brightness and brightness can be adjusted.This book lamp is mainly composed of transparent acrylic sheet, through transparent high conductive acrylic light guide plate to transmit the light to the whole panel, the light is not only moderate brightness and not glaring, well meet the lighting requirement of our reading,it is not only a creative led book reading night light but also it’s an eye protection ultra-thin flat plate panel reading light;

Another one big characteristics of this lamp, it protects the reader's reading space and not disturbing other people's private space, we can read quietly in any corner;

If you have a lot of other whims about lighting, and you want to make it come true,welcome to talk with us.GUTE TEK PLASTIC has never disappointed our customers, and we are looking forward to communicating with you to help you with the best lighting solution.

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