GUTE TEK PLASTIC LED cabinet light adopts high quality plexiglass light guide plate and light diffuser sheet. The light is refracted to the light guide plate through the reflector, and then evenly distributed on the lamp surface through the diffuser plate, it' s bright and soft, not glare.

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This led closet lights adopt a new design and production process. The LED lamp emits light on the side. Acrylic pmma transparent light guide plate and light diffuser sheet make the structure more compact, the light softer and brighter. GUTE TEK PLASTIC closet lighting provides enough light to make sure you never stumble in the dark. The light is refracted to the light guide plate through the reflector, and then evenly distributed on the lamp surface through the diffuser plate. This light is brighter (with a brightness of up to 200 lumen), but it is not glare and the light is quite soft.

The light bar is intelligent, if the environment is bright, the light bar will be off automatically. The human body will not trigger induction in this environment. But if choose ‘on mode’, it will shine all the time. If the environment is dim, when a human body enters the sensing range, the led cabinet light will automatically light up, and it will automatically turn off when the human body leaves. LED cabinet light adopts magnetic mounting structure, one stick and two suction, easy to get. Wireless design makes LED light bar more flexible and convenient. The light bar is portable and removable, it’s easy to take and move. When need charge or change place, you can the take closet light off anytime. This multifunctional cabinet light is ideal for the bedroom, baby room, closets, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, garage entrances pantry and other places.

GUTE TEK plexiglass transparent light guide plate is more soft and bright compare to other factory’s light guide plate plastic sheet. GUTE TEK PLASTIC strictly follows the ISO9001 quality control system, gets the ISO9001 certification. The light diffusers and light guide plates pass through the SGS/Reach International LAB test and get the qualified certificate. No worry of lighting diffuser sheet and lgp sheet product quality.

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