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Desktop table lamps are almost a must-have lamp for every household. There are so many styles of table lamps on the market, which make us overwhelmed. When choosing desktop lamps, we generally consider these aspects: one is the style, and the other is the price, the third is the eye protection level.


The style is based on the personal preference of the customer. Nowadays, the main consumers are young people born in the 80s and 90s. They like simple and multi-functional designs, such as super thin, it can flexibly adjust the angle of illumination,adjust the light and darkness according to the needs, and it can connect to the Internet to facilitate access to online data and copywriting; such a user-friendly design is trendy and practical, and such desk lamps are often sought after.


In terms of price, consumers are always select the most cost-effective products, at the same time, the choice of reading desk lamps is still very different from other lighting. Most consumers pay high attention to the performance of desktop lamps. Reading desk lamps are not only for lighting purposes, because people need close contact when using them, so the eye protection is very important; if a desk light is very strong and dazzling, and it is prone to eye fatigue and strong light can damage our eyesight. Therefore, the desk lamp must not only require the light to be bright, but also must take into account the comfort.


We often see a lot of simple table lamps, a lamp stand plus a bulb, or a led board put a diffusion plate placed on top of it. In an instant of turning on lamp, the eyes were squinted by the strong light. I think many people have this experience, personally think that this kind of desk lamp is not satisfying, and this is no different from a flashlight. A desk lamp without any eye protection function should not be regarded as a desk lamp; many people just ignore this, just focus on are high brightness.


Today we talk about the desktop reading lamp, it is ultra thin and fully combine the brightness and comfort, first speak about ultra thin, the whole luminous panel in about 1cm, appropriate brightness and soft light, using the edge lighting way, light from the side then go through the light guide plate, the light conducted through the LGP and the light is even, the light reflection paper will reflect excess light into the light guide plate, increase the intensity of light.  Milk white diffusion board make the whole light more soft. Such a lamp structure design, is the first choice of comfortable desk lamp.



Normally the diffusion plate, people chose PS/Polystyrene white milk sheet, the thickness is 1-1.2mm, and the light guide plate has Polystyrene transparent pattern sheet and plexiglass transparent sheet with laser dot; The reflect paper  (reflective film) has PET and PC two kinds of material, for cost-effective, people are using PET reflective film more.


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