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Product Description


GUTE TEK pmma light guide plate for led triangle panel light


Diffuser LGP application.



Reflective film for panel light: PC

Light guide plate for panel light: PMMA, PS

Light diffuser sheet for led panel light: PS


Led triangle panel light


According to customer demand


Protective film+Pallet/Bubble bag/Carton etc.

Lead Time

Sample: 7~10days

Mass production: 10~25 days


Air/Sea shipping     Express: FedEx / DHL / UPS / TNT etc.  


T/T, Alipay, LC

What is LED triangle panel light

Intelligent triangle panel light is an atmosphere lamp that can be fixed on the wall for lighting and decoration. It supports a variety of lighting effects and is deeply sought after by E-sports players and DIY lovers. It's edge-emitting, reflective film, light guide plate, light diffuser sheet are very important part of edge-emitting lighting.

The nanoleaf triangle panel light is very different from the traditional atmosphere lamp. The custom combination completely changes people's cognition of the atmosphere lamp. It allows users to adjust and splice the lights at will, so as to form a variety of appearance. The sound pickup device transmits the signals of detecting the surrounding sound and music to the triangle light panel. The lights jump with the rhythm and fully feel every rhythm, Real time response brings a new sensory experience, ordinary atmosphere lamp is hard to match.


What is the structure of LED triangle panel light

The intelligent triangle light plate adopts the side light-emitting principle, and uses the perfect combination of reflective film, light guide plate and diffuser to make the structure more compact, thinner and more uniform than the bottom light-emitting. Only 9mm thick ultra-thin triangle panel light can save space and fit life better. GUTE TEK PLASTIC uses PC reflective paper with high reflectivity for the nanoleaf triangle panel light; PMMA is commonly used as the light guide plate. The light effect is uniform, but PS can also be used instead; The light diffuser sheet for led triangle panel light is PS diffuser. 


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