GUTE TEK PLASTIC offer the best quality of acrylic light guide plate for the led window display,with years of laser engraving experience and laser dot design,we offer the best laser dot design to make the light even and bright.

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Product Description

If you are a real estate agent, you must hope your customers can easily find you, no matter day time or evening. The light box advertisement is a good choice. The bright and vivid illuminated LED window display sign brighten up offices and shops,make your office stand out on the street, day or night. Made up from A3 or A4 wallets, freestanding led display, property detail posters are able to be easily changed. It is a kind of very convenient and endurable advertisement display.

The window led light boxes designed as an ultra-slim panel,  just 10-12mm thick, suspended from low voltage powered cables fitted between the floor & ceiling. With the highest quality acrylic light guide plate, the light even and no dark shadows or hot spots appear, ensuring that your graphic is always crisp. And the low-consuming LED with high brightness, it save the electricity and the light is incredibly bright, it transform your window or wall displays, maximizing your display space. The LED real estate agent window display made of PMMA light guide plate (PMMA LGP) which is available in a variety of sizes and formats, suspended cable LED wallets with single or double-sided display capabilities, also can be custom made in landscape or portrait format.It is very cost-effective solution for your advertisement. 

This illuminated portrait single double sided light panel window display offers an eye-catching way to display posters and signage in advertising & directories,retail displays at exhibitions, museums, libraries and art galleries, finance &bank, restaurant, food service, reception hall. etc.


Let's talk about the structure of the LED light pockets, and see how the light guide plate works in the real estate window & wall displays.

Don't you think this LED estate agent light panel like sandwich with 5 layers? This photo is for double-sides display, if with the single side display, after the laser dot acrylic light guide plate will be the reflective film and then is the bottom plate. Through this structure, we see that the acrylic light guide panel (PMMA LGP) as the only part which transform the light into a surface source in each real estate window signs to light up the poster. And it back stick with the reflective film to enhance the light reflectivity.


GUTE TEK plastic as the professional light guide plate manufacturer, our acrylic light guide plate was made under a constant temperature, constant humidity and dust-free environment. Our laser dot PMMA LGP is combined with laser engraving or digital printing technology, it has the characteristics of uniform light guiding and no hot-spot and dark area.

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