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GUTE TEK PLASTIC pmma lgp for led tracing board. PMMA LGP, which means acrylic light guide plate, is made from 100% virgin MMA to ensure the quality of the panel, light transmittance can reach to above 93%. pmma lgp is laser cutting, which is accurate, efficient and small tolerance; moreover, it is laser dotting, makes the light bright, uniform and soft through the dots on the panel.

Product Descriptio


GUTE TEK PET pmma light guide plate for led tracing board


High transmittance pmma acrylic LGP application.


Light guide plate: PMMA


Led tracing board


According to customer demand


Protective film+Pallet/Bubble bag/Carton etc.

Lead Time

Sample: 7~10days

Mass production: 10~25 days


Air/Sea shipping     Express: FedEx / DHL / UPS / TNT etc.  


T/T, Alipay, LC

What is LED tracing boar

The copy board, also known as tracing board, is mainly composed of pmma acrylic light guide plate.

When in use, put the original on the first layer of the copy board, take the normal A4 printing paper or drawing paper on the original, plug in the power to light up the copy board, press it to the brightness you want, so that you can clearly see the pattern on the original. Follow the pattern, and you can have two same patterns of drawings. When 3-4 paintings are overlapped together, you can also clearly see the picture on the underlying original, this is tracing board.


How is LED tracing board workin

Acrylic light guide plate is one of the most important part of the tracing board, its quality determines the use effect of the tracing board. Light guide plate is to guide the light source to spread evenly to the whole panel, mainly to control the light layout more efficiently and make full use of the light source.

GUTE TEK pmma lgp with excellent hardness and light transmittance. Scratch resistance, aging resistance, long service life and good light uniformity have become the main characteristics of LED tracing board. No shadow, No glare, No harm for eyes even long-hour working. High Luminance Laser Dotted Plexiglass Acrylic Light Guide Plate.


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