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GUTE TEK 6mm thickness laser dot PMMA LGP offer the best lighting effect for acrylic light guide board LED light box advertisement.


The exterior walls of modern buildings are mostly decorated with glass curtain wall. How to show the magnificent momentum and impressive visual effect, and also play the advertising effect. Light designers make many attempts, all kinds of LED wall washer, LED screen, LED light guide plate linear lights have been applied.The latest LED light guide plate lamp is a new type of building lighting fixture for the glass curtain wall of the building, has the glass quality—crystal and bright,also lighter than glass, installed on the glass wall, will not increase the glass thick sense,and can reflect the magnificent lighting effect when lighting, more and more lighting designers favor this acrylic light guide plate linear lamp.

The guardrail in super mall and park also in the same situation,the traditional guardrail is use metal,wooden,and the reinforced glass.This is just for protection,obviously the traditional guardrail can not meet the modern visual appreciation requirement.The Led guardrail lamp with transparent acrylic light guide plate which increase the visual space and the lighting make a good atmosphere for shopping and recreation.Now you could see the LED clean PMMA light guide plate guardrail everywhere.

Which thickness of the light guide plate is the best choice for the LED light guide plate linear wall washer lamp,after many attempts, the 6mm thickness of laser dot PMMA LGP could transmit the light more evenly and the brightness is uniform,also this thickness could increase the protection function. And most LED light guide plate wall washer lamp and the led PMMA LGP guardrail lamp use with RGB LED like 5050, so the led option also affect the selection of LGP thickness.The 6mm laser dot acrylic LGP is publicly accepted by the lamp manufacturer.












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