GUTE TEK PLASTIC ODM OEM PC reflective film for flood light


ItemGUTE TEK customized PC reflective film for led flood light
CategoriesHigh reflectivity pc reflective film application.
MaterialLight reflective film: PC
ApplicationLed flood light
SizeAccording to customer demand
PackingProtective film+Pallet/Bubble bag/Carton etc.
Lead TimeSample: 7~10days
Mass production: 10~25 days
ShipmentAir/Sea shipping Express: FedEx / DHL / UPS / TNT etc.  

How do I get a quote quickly?

PlS provide your design (drafts, pictures, etc.)AND Tell me the following information: 

A.Size of the panel light: ____ "(Height) x______"(Length) x______"(Thickness)

B.Thickness of light reflective film: ______

C.Thickness of light diffuser sheet: ______

D.Thickness of Led light guide plate: ______

E.Quantity:_____ pieces 

F.When do you need it by : _______. 

G.Where to Shipping : ________(Country with postcode please)


GUTE TEK PLASTIC PC reflective film has high reflectivity, more than 98%; it has fire rating, Complies with UL94 V-2 combustion standard; it has good flexibility, not easy to break. With these advantage, PC reflective film is widely wide used in lighting industry,TV backlight mold, LED display, led panel light, led flood light and so on, GUTE TEK would like to introduce the application of PC reflective film in led flood light first.

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GUTE TEK PC reflective film all has undergone multiple measurements to make sure our clients receive the high quality products, PC reflective film will be tested thermal contraction, heat distortion temperature, tensile strength, tensile elongation, aging test and so on. We have many test machines, like anti uv testing, aging testing, tensile testing and integrating sphere, etc.

PC Sheet
Thermal PropertyThermal ContractionMD(Machine Direction)%≤1.0ASTMD1204
TD(Transverse Direction)%≤1.0
V2UL 94
Mechanical PropertyHDT(heat distortion temperature)120ASTMD1525
Tensile StrengthMD(Machine Direction)MPa≥100ASTMD882
TD(Transverse Direction)MPa≥120
Tensile ElongationMD(Machine Direction)%≥30
TD(Transverse Direction)%≥20
Electrical PropertySurface ResistanceObverseΩ≤1014ASTMD257
Weather ResistanceHigh-temp. Test80℃h180/
High-temp. & Humidity Test65℃, 85%RHh250
Cold&Hot Compacting Test-25℃*1h-65℃*1hh100





◆ GUTE TEK Polycarbonate is a durable material, it has high impact-resistance.

◆ GUTE TEK PC reflective film’s reflectivity more than 98%, can help resolve the glaring and uneven brightness problem for lighting industry.

◆ GUTE TEK PC reflective film can hold up longer to extreme temperature, temperature resistance can be up to 120 ℃.

◆ GUTE TEK PC reflective film is is resistant to corrosion and is safe when tested in hydrochloric acid or other solutions .

◆ GUTE TEK PC reflective film has Strong processability, it can be cut, stamped and vacuum thermoformed.

◆ GUTE TEK PC reflective film has long service life, 6-10 years.

◆ GUTE TEK PC reflective film has certificates of CE, REACH, ISO 9001 and it is UL94 V-2 combustion standard .



  • Q
    1. Do you use recycled material?
    No, absolutely not, our GUTE TEK PC reflective film uses 100% virgin material.
  • Q
    2. Do you offer sample? Is it free?
    We basically offer sample free of charge, but not be responsible for the shipping cost.
  • Q
    3. What are your terms of payment?
    If payment is less than 10,000USD, 100% in advance; if payment is more than 10,000USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment.

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