GUTE TEK PLASTIC is specializing in optical plastic sheets, like reflective film, led diffuser sheet and light guide plate. Our reflective film is made of high quality PC or PET; led diffuser sheet is made of 100% virgin material PC, PMMA or PS; light guide plate is made of good price PMMA or PS. More optical plastic sheet choice of the led panel light can meet different customers’ demand.

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Product Description


GUTE TEK Custom reflective film light diffuser sheet lgp sheet for panel light


Transparent clear PMMA acrylic sheet application .



Light reflective film: PC/PET

Led light diffuser sheet: PC/PMMA/PS

Led light guide plate: PMMA/PS


Side emitting panel light


According to customer demand


Protective film+Pallet/Bubble bag/Carton etc.

Lead Time

Sample: 7~10days

Mass production: 10~25 days


Air/Sea shipping     Express: FedEx / DHL / UPS / TNT etc.  


T/T, Alipay, LC

How do I get a quote quickly?

PlS provide your design (drafts, pictures, etc.)AND Tell me the following information:

A. Size of the panel light: ____ "(Height) x______"(Length) x______"(Thickness)

B. Thickness of light reflective film: ______

C. Thickness of light diffuser sheet: ______

D. Thickness of Led light guide plate: ______

E.Quantity:_____ set 

F.When do you need it by : _______.

G.Where to Shipping : ________(Country with postcode please)

Intro three important and necessary part for ultra-thin panel lamp----reflective film, light guide plate and light diffuser sheet

Reflective film

Reflective film mainly refers to PC reflective film or PET reflective film, which is used for reflection on LED lamps. The brightness and lumen of lamps can be improved by reflecting the light source of lamps. The reflective film makes the light source reflect in the specified direction to increase the utilization of light. For example, the light exposed on the bottom is reflected back into the light guide plate to improve the use efficiency of light. GUTE TEK PLASTIC light reflective film is mainly PC / PET reflective film, which reflectivity is more than 96%. Customers can choose reflective films of different materials according to their own needs.

PC reflective film

 PET reflective film

Light guide plate

Light guide plate is to guide the light source to spread evenly to the whole panel, mainly to control the light layout more efficiently and make full use of the light source. The principle of light guide plate working is to use the optical plastic sheet to absorb the light emitted from the lamp and stay on the surface of the optical plastic sheet. When the light reaches each light guide point, the reflected light will diffuse to all angles, destroying the reflection conditions and emitting from the positive side of the light guide plate. Through various light guide points of different density and sizes, the light guide plate can emit light uniformly.


Light guide plate’s reflection points close to the light source are small, circular and distant, and the reflection points in the middle of the light guide plate are compact and thick, slightly like ellipses. When the lamp’s light source enters the light guide plate from the side and goes through the reflection point, a part of the light directly passes through the light guide plate to the surface, and a part of the light diffuse reflects to the surface of the light guide plate. The closer to the light source, the stronger the light emits to the light guide plate, and the weaker the light away from it. Therefore, the reflection points close to the light source should be small and distant, and the diffuse reflected light is less. On the contrary, the reflection points far away from the light source should be close and thick, so that the reflected light is more abundant. After these lights are complex and integrated, so as to achieve the bright effect of the whole light guide plate ---- this craft is only limited to the laser dotting light guide plate.

GUTE TEK PLASTIC light guide plate is mainly PMMA / PS light guide plate. The two materials have their own advantages. Customers can choose light guide plates of different materials according to their own lamp’s working environment, effect and cost performance.

Laser Dotting Pmma Light Guide Plate  

PMMA light guide plate

PS light guide plate

Light diffuser sheet

The principle of light diffuser sheet is that light enters the optical plastic sheet and causes scattering, which interferes the divergence. No matter what the original light distribution curve is, as long as it passes through the light diffuser sheet, the beam angle becomes 160-175°. The surface of the light diffuser sheet can process light interference, such as surface sanding. Due to the sanding processing on the surface of light diffuser sheet, the visual effect is high-grade and beautiful, wear-resistant, scratch resistant and stable.

Light diffuser sheet main function

1. Scatter the light flux, the light can be evenly distributed

2. Support the backlight structure, protect the optical materials below from damage

GUTE TEK PLASTIC light diffuser sheet is mainly PC / PMMA / PS light diffuser sheet. The characteristics of each material are similar. Customers can choose light guide plates of different materials according to their own lamp’s working environment, effect and cost performance.

PC diffuser sheet

PMMA diffuser sheet


  • Q:How many days for samples delivery? Samples is free cost?
    A:The samples of existing specification products which has stock is 3-5days,and the sample is free cost; The customized samples need 7-10days,the customized samples cost is negotiable.
  • Q: I don’t know which transmittance is suit for my product,how to choose the right one?
    A:We have professional test equipment,you could send us your product and we will test our existing product,find the suitable one for you,then we will send of diffuser for your confirming; If the existing one not match,we could customize the diffuser plate for you,and send the samples to you for your confirming.
  • Q:Do you use recycle Or new raw material?Could i use the different brand raw material?
    A:We never use recycle materials,we only use 100% raw materials.
  • Q: Could you accept LC for payment?
    A:We could accept LC payment,we are very familiar with LC payment process,many big buyer pay us through LC.
  • Q:Have your products passed through the laboratory test?Has getting the qualified certificate or not?
    A:We are an ISO9001 company,we have own Lab for testing,also all our products have been tested by SGS international laboratory and gotten the qualified certificate.
  • Q:You just offer PET reflective paper with roll,could offer the cut size?
    A:We don’t only offer the roll material,also we offer the cut size of reflective film.

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