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Introduction:The products of GUTE TEK PLASTIC cover from diffuser, light guide plate to reflective paper,which related to the PS,PMMA,PC and PET different material.So the display samples are very critical for us,every year,when the new products come out,the RD team and samples team will have meeting to discuss how to prepare new display samples and get rid of old products which not suit the market demand,which data is from our sales department.This year,the display keep the normal PS diffuser,PMMA diffuser,PC diffuser,and the UGR<19 Ant-glare diffuser,add the antibacterial diffuser and the fire-resist PS diffuser; The antibacterial diffuser is special for anti epidemic also for kitchen and washroom lighting application. The fire-resist PS diffuser is special for Britain market,also the public lighting;For LGP,the light guide plate remove the screen printing PS LGP,add the PS LGP for small size monitor,and the pattern acrylic sheet with laser dotting light guide plate for double side edge lighting,also the transparent PMMA light guide plate with laser dotting for copy platform. transparent PS sheet and PMMA sheet for sneeze guard. The reflective film,add the PC diffusion film and PC reflective paper base on the PET reflective paper.

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