Provide Customized Services

1.Production Advantage:

Efficient production of diffuser sheet, lgp sheet,there is 213,480ft² production base with 13 extrusion production line,daily output is 1200tons,annual output is over 250000tons;The delivery is 7-10days, fast delivery and quick response;

2.Technical advantages:

Strong research and development team and independant professional LAB which is cooperated with  

with colleagues and universities,over 30000+ sample data for reference,and the new products annual growth rate is over 35%. 

3.Quality Advantages:

ISO9001 approved company & diffuser sheet suppliers,production and quality control strictly follow ISO9001 quality management system;

4.Customized Advantage:

The deep processing workshop is 32,022ft²,with profession cut,laser machine,UV print machine,blow moulding machine and plastic forming machine, could offer customized service such as size and shape customized.Also could offer raw material,thickness and color customized service;


    Besides our excellence on ODM light diffusion plates-PS/PMMA/PC light diffuser sheets,Polystyrene/Acrylic LGP sheets,PET/PC light reflective film,Acylic mirror sheets and the transparent PS/Plexiglass sheet, our government recognized LAB equipped with advanced light test equipment and the polystyrene/polymethyl methacrylate/polycarbonate plastic sheet physical inspection equipment,we could offer the best lighting solution and the best material solution for our customer.

  • Experienced

    More than 10 years of professional optical plastic manufacturers in China,as the PS/PMMA/PC light diffusers & light diffusion plates supplier,laser dot acrylic LGP/ Polystyrene patterned light guide panel suppliers and the PC/PET light reflective film supplier, GUTE TEK PLASTIC also has years of service the famous brand such as NVC,FSL,PAK,OPPLE, HISENSE,HAVELLS and BAJAJ, we are your trustworthy partner.

  • Productivity

    Over 350ton daily production capability, we already have shipped hundreds of our PS/PMMA light diffusers,laser dot PMMA/Acrylic light guide plate/PS patterned light guide plate (LGP sheet) and the PC/PET light reflective film to LED lighting and advertising industry customers in different countries every year.

  • Strict Quality System

    Strictly follow the ISO9001 quality control system, get the ISO9001 certification.The light diffusers and light guide panels pass through the SGS/Reach Interational LAB test,and get the qualified certificate. No worry of lighting diffuser sheet and lgp sheet product quality.


Diffuser sheet suppliers with more than 10 years of experience providing reliable diffuser sheet, lgp sheet product quality.

Anti-UV PC polycarbonate led light diffuser sheet factory GUTE TEK PLASTIC
Anti-UV PC polycarbonate led light diffuser sheet factory GUTE TEK PLASTIC
We have over 13 extrusion line produce PS/PMMA/PC plastic sheets for lighting industry, besides the PC light diffuser,we also manufacture PS light diffusion plate and acrylic light diffuser sheet.You may have doubt of the light diffuser sheet thickness for your products,don't hesitate,pls talk with us.
China Prism Light Diffuser Sheet  Anti-Galre UGR19 Polystyrene Diffusion Plate Manufacturer-GUTE TEK PLASTIC
China Prism Light Diffuser Sheet Anti-Galre UGR19 Polystyrene Diffusion Plate Manufacturer-GUTE TEK PLASTIC
GUTE TEK PLASTIC as the China leading manufacturer of Anti-Galre UGR<19 Polystyrene/ polycabornate Diffusion Plate, the product has been pass the test from SGS Lab,and the GR is between 16-19, is popular in school education light and home indoor lighting. There are many kind of prim light diffuser sheet,talk to us for further information.Introduction:Brand New Raw Material of Anti-Galre  UGR<19 Prism Polystyrene light Diffuser sheet & diffusion plate
Best PMMA acrylic light diffuser sheet with factory price GUTE TEK PLASTIC
Best PMMA acrylic light diffuser sheet with factory price GUTE TEK PLASTIC
GUTE TEK PLASTIC offer the best PMMA acrylic light diffuser factory price, our raw material is 100% virgin and with Mitsubishi raw material. We have professional and advanced equipment: Adopting the industry advanced twin screw extruder machine from Germany, the high precision and high efficiency laser engraving machine, and the profession luminaire and photometric testing equipment;We offer the professional service and the best quality of plexiglass white milk diffusion plate for our customer in lighting industry.
Wholesale Fire Resistant Polystyrene Diffusion Plate with good price
Wholesale Fire Resistant Polystyrene Diffusion Plate with good price
GUTE TEK PLASTIC Wholesale Fire Resistant Polystyrene Diffusion Plate with good price, the product has the certificate of fire resistance.Integrity management, customers Praise: Merchant Credit Certification approved by government and the after-sales satisfaction is more than 95% and the praise rate is 98% ;Introduction:Brand New Raw Material of Fire Resistant Polystyrene Diffusion Plate
We have very profession team to serve our customers


GUTE TEK PLASTIC is established in 2011,It is a leading manufacturer and high-tech diffuser sheet suppliers in optical plastic industry. With the value of “Factualism and Innovation,Excellent Quality and Profession Service,Sincere Cooperation and Mutual Benefit”,we are devoted to the supply of diffuser sheet,LGP sheet and reflective film,offering suitable and one-step solution for our customers in lighting industry and Illuminated display industry.

GUTE TEK PLASTIC diffuser sheet suppliers headquarter is located in FOSHAN city, Guangdong,China.The production base covers an area of 213,480ft²with 13 extrusion production line,we produce over 250000tons products per year.To provide better service and quick respond to our customers,we set up sample department and independent optical laboratory, the laboratory has been cooperated with many scientific research institutes,colleges and universities. Adopt the professional instruments and equipment,with the RD department assist to prepare samples for different requirements,free samples of existing products,and delivery time is 3-5days; 

We have very profession team to serve our customers:

For sales,over 10 years oversea sales experience,and very familiar with FOB international trade process and LC payment mode,with our own import and export licence,we offer globe service.

For production,professional and efficient deep processing capabilities,have 32,022ft²deep processing workshop,with over 12sets CNC routers and 5sets automatic cutting machines,10 sets PMMA laser cutting machines,3 sets polishing machines, 10sets laser dotting machines,4 sets plastic sheet slotting machines and 2 sets reflective film cut machines,we could offer cut and laser dotting for different shape according to customer different requirements.

With years of experience,GUTE TEK PLASTIC has a good knowledge of lighting solution, with rigorous and scientific test method,We offer the best lighting solution for our customer,and help our customer know how to choose and how to use different optical diffuser sheet,LGP sheet and reflective film material base on different application;

GUTE TEK PLASTIC focus on quality and credibility,we strictly follow ISO9001 quality control system, has gotten the pollutant discharge permit and ISO9001 quality management system certificate.The products have passed through the test and get the qualification certificate of the SGS international Laboratory;Through constant innovation and research,our company has applied many practical technology patents;

Based on the quality products and the innovative technology,we serve the first class brand in China,such as FSL,NVC,YANKON,SKYWORTH,OPPLE,PAK,HISENSE AND UPSHINE.Our products and service also cover many countries, Like USA,England,France,Italy,Netherlands,Germany,Spain,Iran,Qatar,Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, India, Nepal,Cambodia,Singapore,Australia and Brazil.

We expect our plastic plugged with the wings of optical application to illuminate the world.

  • 20000+
  • 30000+
    Samples Data
  • ISO9001 & SGS LAB
  • One-Step Customized Service

We expect our plastic diffuser sheet & lgp sheet plugged with the wings of optical application to illuminate the world.

Polarizer film for backlight module LCD module from GUTE TEK PLASTIC
Polarizer film for backlight module LCD module from GUTE TEK PLASTIC
GUTE TEK PLASTIC polarizer film for backlight module LCD module, which is one of the important part of the LCD, it provides polarization state incident light, which is required by the LCD. It determines whether the LCD can display the picture or not. Polarizer film is suitable for many kinds of screens, such as lcd tvs, lcd monitor, projectors, etc.
GUTE TEK Plastic customized PMMA plexi glass colored plastic sheet
GUTE TEK Plastic customized PMMA plexi glass colored plastic sheet
PMMA colored plastic sheet widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration board, partition board in office and house, product design, engraving and signboard, advertisement boards shop fitting, art and crafts and many more applications. It can be processed at GUTE TEK Plastic factory with laser cutting and CNC machining.GUTE TEK Plastic premium acrylic plexiglass sheet is extremely versatile and comes in a wide variety of color and size. Colored plexi glass sheet is ideal for indoor or outdoor signs. Whether you choose what kind of the color, translucent or opaque, there is no limit to what you can do with the PMMA acrylic colored sheets.
PMMA UV print
PMMA UV print
Introduction:UV printing has an inseparable relationship with our life, ranging from architectural decoration to mobile phone case patterns can be printed by UV. In this case, we would like to introduce our GUTE TEK PLASTIC UV printing diffuser, which is mainly used in indoor and outdoor decorative lamps such as panel lamps and ceiling lamps. PMMA diffusion plate also widely used in advertising industry with its good print-ability and spraying characteristics, it could offer an ideal surface decoration effect after printing and spraying on the acrylic surface,so PMMA diffuser is still the first choice of UV print for advertising application.First, we need to cut the sheet, cut out the corresponding size, tear off the PMMA protective paper, and then put pieces of PMMA sheets into the corresponding mold to facilitate machine positioning, identification and printing. Then remove the dust and static electricity on the surface of PMMA plate with alcohol. Finally, wipe the acrylic coating evenly. If use a poor acrylic coating,  the ink may be fall off when the UV printing completed, because the coating does not match the ink or plate material, thus affecting the image effect.Our company can independently produce, cut and UV print PMMA sheet. We support OEM and ODM service. Welcome to consult.
How to hand cut Acrylic PMMA sheet?
How to hand cut Acrylic PMMA sheet?
PMMA acrylic is known as its strong strength,which is the three times stronger than window glass;It is fabrication ready,the pmma sheet is ideal for almost any type of glazing or signage. It is also widely used in LCD and Lighting industry.Even it is crystal clear, the UV stabilization protects the pmma sheet from yellowing;It also has strong durability, the pmma sheet could be impact and weather resistant.

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